Chiro mattresses fitted with Miracoil™

The Miracoil™ spring system is the latest spring technology from Leggett & Platt, USA, exclusive only with Dreamland. It is the leading (if not number one) spring system used by hotels in America. Now, the Chiro range from Dreamland is available to all Vhive customers.   

The Benefits of Miracoil™:

  • Safety First! No knots, no sharp edges and no wires getting out of place 
  • Greater Durability! The entire spring unit is heat tempered for better strength and back support 
  • Support for the whole body! Continuous coil structure allows for 49% more coil surface area than regular spring systems 
  • Hassle free! Lighter wires means a lighter mattress, making it easier to change the sheets 
  • More support where it is needed most! The Centre Zone has a higher coil count to alleviate pressure where it is the highest (shoulders and lower back)
  • Minimal Partner Disturbance! The helical wires are structured from head-to-toe so that body weight is transferred down the bed not across it 
  • No mattress sag and less lumpiness! The S-shaped coils prevent the comfort layer from migrating into spring unit
  • Full support across the entire bed! The spring system runs all the way to the edge of your mattress so you can sleep all the way to the end of the bed without the ‘rolling-off’ feeling

Find out more by downloading our brochure below.    

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To view the full range of Dreamland’s Chiro Mattresses, feel free to visit our showrooms and try them out. For more details, please contact us at 6747 1818 or email us at contact@vhive.com.sg